By Progressive Distributors

We pride ourselves on our meat shop programs. 

Our butchers come from all over the world and offer a wide range of skills that make us unique. Our meat department manager has over seventeen years of experience working in retail. He is a fully qualified and internationally trained butcher and can cut, process, and merchandise all cuts of meat for maximum customer appeal and profit.

Our meat shop works on a 24-hour schedule. The night shift prioritizes restaurant and hotel orders. All our steaks and pork are cut to the desired size or thickness depending on our customers' requirements. Steaks are cut to order, blast frozen, vacuum-sealed, and packaged for the next day's delivery.

Our day shift primarily concerns the custom production of burgers, sausages, and frozen cuts such as oxtail and goat. These are cut fresh daily to ensure customers receive only the freshest proteins for their menu offerings.


Our selection of in-house offerings includes:




Unrivaled In Cayman


The PDL burger program is unrivalled in Cayman. We can produce 4,000 burgers per hour, so our supply of fresh burgers is non-stop for our customers' increasing demand. All our burgers are produced in-house and contain no trim. We make a 70/30 and an 80/20 blend. All meat is made from 100% CAB whole muscle with no by-products added. Value burger options are available. 

At PDL, we enjoy collaborating with customers to achieve their unique blend and taste of burgers. Our blends are monitored monthly with equipment that guarantees the blends are in a consistent ratio. Our burger sizes start at a 2oz burger and go up to 10 oz.

With our dry age room, PDL produces our trendy 8oz dry-aged burger for those customers wanting to offer something unique to their menu.

Unique Blends



We have 15 flavour varieties of sausages , all made in-house with recipes created by our meat department. Our recipes are not your typical generic taste and flavours but handmade and crafted with a unique blend of McCormick herbs and spices. 

Unlike other artificial sausage casing, all our sausages are naturally cased, unequalled in taste, texture, and tenderness. 

Sizes range from 2-4 oz, and flavours include chorizo, spicy, sweet Italian, andouille, brats, pork bangers, jerk pork , and jerk chicken.



In-House Dry Age Room



We have a dedicated, in-house, dry age room and can age any beef for our customers. Meat is aged according to the time frame our customers require; however, we highly recommend no less than four weeks, as the process takes two weeks to initiate. 

Our new pre-cut  dry-aged program allows customers to order when needed. Dry ageloins are cut in steaks to a set size, vacuum-sealed, and then stocked for customers. 

Integrated Flavors



Our designated pork and poultry tumbling room ensure that our marinated meats are guaranteed to have superior flavour. The tumbling process takes marinating to a new level as an alternative to marinating meat by simply coating it. Using a vacuum to open the meat's pores allows the marinade to saturate the cut and for the full flavour to enter the heart rather than just on the outside.

At PDL, we offer custom tumbling services to our customers. Foodservice customers can provide flavourings and recipes to ensure their consumer offerings are unique and unmistakably tasty, leaving patrons returning for more. 

Safety Measures


In every step of the PDL manufacturing and meat processing program, preventative safety measures are implemented to reduce the risk of contamination.  

As part of our food safety initiative, we practice daily to recognise the potential problem of foreign materials in meat products . Metal scraps and shards in meat are a particular concern in the industry, where possible materials entering the product can occur at any point in the supply chain process. Burgers, sausages, and ground meat all pass through a metal detector before availability for customers to purchase. As part of our in-house health and safety program, our meat blends are regularly checked to guarantee consumer safety.

While the FDA puts a size of 7mm as the limit for an “acceptable size” of foreign material, PDL has recently installed an Eriez Xxtreme Metal Detector to detect foreign materials as low as 1.2mm. The equipment can detect ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, and stainless steel.  

Our compliance with food safety and regulations ensures heightened food quality standards for our customers, reducing the risk of potential threats passed onto the final consumer.